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Transforming Housing & Communities

In September 2020, Tenant Education Network started as a power building 501c3 that supports the leadership of Project Based Section 8 (PBS8) tenants, primarily low income women of color, to transform their housing and communities. By combining 10 years of HUD organizing experience with innovative technology and the tenacity of driven tenant leaders, TEN assists tenants in demystifying the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), organizing their neighbors, and holding power brokers accountable.

So far, we’ve had some incredible wins. From making substantial material changes to replacing management companies and owners, we are making sure PBS8 tenants can win bargaining power for the long term. 

Tenant at a Victory Party.

Being a part of TEN has been an excuse to continue to get involved and make my community better. I have two young kids now, and I want them to see their mom fight for and win something better for our community, even if we don’t live here forever.

Donisha, TEN Member

Join us in our fight to win transformative changes for tenants and support TEN today.